Grašac beli

Light yellow wine that smells of youth and freshness. Dominant are fresh citrus aromas, foremost yellow grapefruit, the mineral smell of stone, and the aroma of fresh yeasty bread.
You can taste the acidity that gives this wine its freshness. It is also quite mineral and citrus when tasted. It is brisk, aperitive, with a medium leaning to light body and surprisingly long finish followed by a nice citrusy freshness that takes over your mouth long after you have sipped it.
Gastronomic advice
It can be served as a light aperitif that reminds us of the desire for food. It blends well with all kinds of river fish served with regular marinade and lightly spiced vegetables. It also loves sea fish, and it can hold its own with an angler of more intense flavor. Sushi is always a great option, foremost the one with salmon and avocado, a bit fattier ingredients but without hot sauces. A creamy pumpkin risotto enriched with parmesan, hard and semi-hard aged cow cheese, and salads with an abundance of bitter greenery like chicory or iceberg.
Alc. 12,5% – Residual sugar: 1 g/l – Acids: 6,5 g/l – Ph: 3,18
Range: Bikonj

Vintage: handpicked 10.09.2020

Yield: 1.5kg per vine

Number of bottles: 5500

Aging: inox 10 months, bottle