FOTO journal


Our village, Čerević was mentioned in the writings of the Ottoman Turk travelers as a place of exceptional climate, nature, and beautiful gardens. Glance at the photo diary of Čerevića and its surroundings in early fall.

Malvazija-a short story

abot wine journeys


From Monemvasia in the 13th century all the way to Crete, across Venice and Istria to the whole of Mediterranean, and finally, Fruška gora, a story about strange wine routes.




An exhibition organized by Verkat, was held during the Belgrade Wine Week at UK Parobrod. A cross-section of the work of younger generation artists in an interesting exhibition about pairing wine with art.

More nas je napustilo, ali je malvazija pronašla svoj put do kopna

During our research into the history of Malvasia, we have developed an interesting mixture of history and fiction that has been turned into an exhibition. The exhibition is conceptualized as an archive comprised of old maps, routes, writings, video projections, and exhibits.