The wine is an indicator of the year in which it was made, the 2022 vintage. This year brought a wine with a lighter structure and lower alcohol content than is usual for Verkat Malvasia. A summer and refreshing wine with pronounced varietal characteristics.

The wine is light yellow with medium intensity. Crystal clear with pronounced viscosity.

The fragrance is harmonious, richly mineral and fresh with a hint of dried flowers and discreet grassy tones in the background. The taste is fruity and mineral, with hints of apricot and sweet apple in the finish.

A very nicely balanced wine, with playful acids and exceptional freshness.

Gastronomski savet

The wine is a good choice for an aperitif and is an excellent companion to a variety of dishes. It will go well with river fish (perch), pasta and risotto with seasonal vegetables, seafood. Young creamy cheeses on toasted bread, white meat, homemade pork prosciutto. Spicy dishes. Bruschetta with different spreads: green olives with sun-dried tomatoes, feta with fresh tomatoes and basil… Pie with apples and vanilla ice cream.

Recommended serving temperature 10°C

Alc. 13% – Residual sugar: 2 g/l – Acids: 6 g/l – Ph: 3,3

Variety: Malvasia Istriana 100%

Locality: Čerević, Fruška gora

Range: Kaluđerica

Harvest: hand harvest 10.09.2022

Yield: 2 kg per plant

Production bottles: 7500

Aging: inox 10 months, bottle