On Friday, October 21, we had a promotion and wine pairing of Verkat Winery in smaizing Belgrade restaurant JaM. On this occasion, we presented two of our premium labels, the already well-known Grašac beli 4.0 from the 2021 vintage, as well as, Malvazija Barrique, also from the 2021 vintage.

After a short introduction by one of the Vrkatić sisters, Igor Luković first presented the Grašac beli 4.0 label, a wine that has achieved exceptional success at international competitions, starting with a gold medal at the BIWC in Athens, through a platinum award at GROW du Mond and gold at AIWC Vienna, and finally the Trophy for the best wine from an autochthonous variety at Wine Vision by Open Balkan.

Guests also had the opportunity to hear more about the production process firsthand from technologist Danijel Sokolović, who successfully carried out the 2021 harvest.

With this label we paired monkfish bites with nori seaweed and lemon, as well as duck ragu with celery stick and parmesan cheese.

After a short break, the presentation of the next label, Malvasia Barrique 2021, of which this was the premiere, continued. Igor Luković underlined the extraordinary step forward made with this wine, which completes the Verkat Winery’s portfolio with a milder approach, with less pronounced aromas of wood. In this case, too, the production process itself, as well as the choice of wine style, was brought closer to the guests by the winery’s technologist.

With this label we paired gambor with parsley, lemon, and smoked Maldon salt, and Doppio pasta with turkey and cream sauce.

After this pleasant wine gathering, in the truly exceptional ambience of the JaM restaurant, the guests took home a small gift with the presented wines, paired with a selection of cheeses and desserts from the Belgrade patisserie Fini.