Open doors and a free concept, a relaxed and family atmosphere, fine food and drinks, excellent music and good company have turned the Verkat garden into a real little oasis of enjoyment.

The garden of pleasure at Verkat

A picnic was held in the green garden of the Verkat winery on May 2, as a sort of opening of the summer season of this winery in a very special way.

The concept of the event was based on friendly cooperation between Verkat winery and other small and local producers who presented their products to the wine audience. Thus, Novi Sad’s Pastai, a small artisanal pasta production, was in charge of the food, which offered fantastic pasta in a parmesan roll with various toppings. Fini from Belgrade, a small, also family-owned, delivery shop, already well-known for its cakes without additives, made an effort for the sweets, which, in addition to the standard offer, also specially presented Raspberry Parfait with Verkat Rosé. And of course, there were also the neighbors from Čerević, craft brewery Beerče, which since its establishment in Čerević, with its hard work and energy, is starting a small local revival of this Sremac village by organizing the regular monthly Čerevićvil, an evening bazaar of local producers followed by an open-air concert.

For this occasion, Verkat’s garden was stocked with blankets, hay, balls and a newly opened swing handmade by Verkat’s versatile cellarman Zoran. Juices and fruit were provided for the youngest in a special corner. Pets were of course welcome, and guests could bring along games, racquets and Frisbees, everything that can make a picnic even more fun.

In a very relaxed atmosphere, accompanied by the Jamm Session of the Novi Sad Mustang four Jazz Quartet, the guests could enjoy the offer at their own pace, drinking wine and beer, tasting pasta and cakes, relaxing on the green lawn. We are especially glad that we hosted a large number of families with the youngest, whose play and laughter made this event even more beautiful.

We would like to thank all the guests and friends who participated for a beautiful day.