Welcome to presentation of Verkat Winery

at Montevino 2024

Verkat Winery is a young family winery from Čerević, Fruška gora, founded by two sisters, Sonja and Nataša Vrkatić, in 2018, with the desire to preserve the family vineyard of Malvazija.

The plantations were soon expanded with vineyards of Grašac belii and Muscat Hamburg, and a tasting area was opened in one of the historic houses of Čerević, with an exceptional garden.

Since its inception, Verkat has followed a dedicated approach that primarily includes respect for the place we come from, Fruška Gora, and its unique nature.

To the same extent, we are also committed to the local community and culture of which we are a part and whose growth and promotion are an integral part of our goals.

In the first five years of its existence, Verkat’s small but very dedicated team managed to achieve significant success with its wines, confirming its quality with awards from domestic and international wine competitions, among which the Decanter World Wine Awards, AWC Vienna, BIWC, Vinistra, Wine Vision, while the Verkat Winery has become a well-known gathering place and promotion of our local community.

Verkat currently cultivates 7 hectares of its own vineyards, planted with Malvazija Istarska, Grašac beli and Muscat Hamburg. The expansion of the vineyard with plantings of Frankovka and Cabernet Franc is in progress.

The principles of organic protection are applied in the vineyards from 2023, with the goal of certification for organic grape production.

Verkat white and rosé wines are made exclusively from grapes from their own plantations, while red wines are for for the time made from locally grown grapes from Fruška Gora.

The current production is up to 20,000 bottles with the possibility of expanding the capacity up to 35,000 bottles.

Below you will find

descriptions and detailed information about

Verkat winesavailable for tasting

at our stand


The wine is an indicator of the year in which it was made, the 2022 vintage. This year brought a wine with a lighter structure and lower alcohol content than is usual for Verkat Malvasia. A summer and refreshing wine with pronounced varietal characteristics.

Malvazija Barrique

A light touch of oak, which contributed to the aroma and structure of the wine, is present in the ideal measure. On the nose, sparkling notes of citrus appear in combination with notes of bananas and graphite combined with a little vanilla.

Grašac beli 2023

Grašac 23 is a gift of great dedication and tireless, persistent work in our vineyards. It comes from a warm year and brings us complexity and layering, but with retained playfulness, sparkle and crispness due to beautifully blended acids.


Grašac beli 4.0 2021

The special label Grašac beli 4.0 was created by the exceptional harvest of 2021, the fourth in our vineyard, in which a selected yield of only 400 grams per bunch produced this wine that justifies the great expectations and potential of the Grašac beli variety.


We chose an interesting combination of Frankovka and Cabernet Franc as our first red wine label. We wanted to stay true to the interesting regional varieties that have a connection with this area, so we decided to go for Frankovka.

Verkat Rosé

Verkat Rosé 2022 continues in the footsteps of its predecessors. Fresh, dry and well-balanced Muscat Hamburg wine with typical varietal aromas of rose petals. Our technologist’s favorite.